Lice Detection: Nits On Hair Shaft

 Nits on the hair shaft.

This method is not always the most reliable unless you know what you are looking for. Whereas, it is obvious that there is a head lice infestation when you find a live creature crawling through the hair, there are other ‘things’ in the hair that often cause confusion for many people, making diagnosis of a lice infestation a little tricky.

If you find nits on just one child, check all other children and the adults in the household. Detection and treatment for all those affected should be carried out on the same day in order to greatly reduce the risk of re-infestation.

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One thought on “Lice Detection: Nits On Hair Shaft

  1. I run my own lice treatment service here in Seattle, and I was just telling someone today that my business is a highly mobile business – because lice are so mobile! And here you’ve proven my point for me! Good luck!

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