Head Lice Alert Notice for Schools in Riyadh


Hello! My name is Intisar Umm Adam and I am the owner of the Cootie Catchers: Head Lice Treatment and Removal Service. I have learned that there are a number of children with head lice in Riyadh schools. Since this condition spreads easily, we must bring the current head lice problem under control.
As a head lice technician in Riyadh, I have noticed that the cases of head lice have increased exponentially. Head lice have become increasingly resistant to over-the-counter treatments making those treatments almost ineffective! This is why Cootie Catchers  specializes in the safe, effective and fast in-home removal of head lice, using a natural, chemical-free treatment process, with the Lousebuster device.  The LouseBuster kills 99.2% of nits and 87% of bugs- which is far more effective than any over-the-counter treatment available. Along with our thorough removal process, we stop the cycle completely!
Control of head lice depends on prompt diagnosis and effective treatment. Your help in inspecting your students throughout the school year for the presence of head lice would be greatly appreciated.
It is extremely important for you to check students’ head for head lice TODAY. If you do find head lice, feel free to refer your students to me. This will help prevent head lice from spreading. There is a doctor that oversees several of the schools in Riyadh and she has found my treatment the most effective and prescribes it to students that are infested. Parents of the students I’ve treated were desperately looking for a safe, non-toxic and effective treatment to not only kill the louse, but also remove and kill the nits as well.

خدمة سعوديةلعلاج قمل الرأس و إزالته 0502112608

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