Head Lice Education Program for Schools in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


Over half of primary school aged children will get head lice this year – has your school been infested yet? Lice infestations in KSA schools are currently at a pandemic level!
Education is the key: parents and schools need to talk and have some education about head lice. Parents should know that outbreaks of head lice have nothing to do with a social status, family’s income, or level of personal hygiene. We are proud to serve our school partners in managing student lice screening and removal. We take pride in playing a part in keeping students in class, where they belong.
I am Intisar Umm Adam, the Lice Lady of Arabia and founder of Cootie Catchers Head Lice Treatment & Removal Service. Our Specialized Head Lice Treatment Service can offer families in Saudi Arabia the BEST SOLUTION for head lice treatments by using a heat treatment device that kills and dehydrates all stages of head lice and their eggs in a 30 minute treatment. For further details about the service and treatments, visit the website at www.TheCootieCatchers.com
Studies suggest that most chemical treatments lead to lice resistance. Super lice are head lice that have become resistant to the active ingredients in over the counter lice shampoos and prescriptions. Super lice have the ability to survive even after repeated use of these products or increased dosages. If your students are still finding live bugs after using a prescription or over the counter lice shampoos, then they probably have a case of Super Lice. Studies also suggest that chemical treatments are not 100% effective, and sometimes less than 50%, and that they can have dangerous side-effects (especially if misused or overused).
It is our pleasure to present the relevant facts about head lice and their removal to concerned parents and schools. Please contact us for additional information at 0538205894
In case of head lice suspicion:
1. Contact the parents and inform them that the child may have head lice
2. Explain to them that it’s not dangerous, but very contagious and they need to take immediate action and not bring the child back to school until the head lice have been fully removed
3. Have them call us at  0538205894 to schedule evaluation and guaranteed elimination of head lice
We use NO Chemicals, NO Pesticides, NO Oils of any kind during our treatment. The heat treatment device revolutionizes the treatment of Head Lice using only controlled heated air to dehydrate Live Lice and their Eggs (nits). It takes just one 30 minute treatment plus a post-treatment comb-out to get lice free!

Provided by: Umm Adam, founder of Cootie Catchers: Saudi Arabia’s Premier Head Lice Treatment and
Removal Service
Cootie Catchers promotes the manual removal of head lice and nits without the use of toxic chemicals
by offering a wet-combing method and the LouseBuster™ Treatment.
Mom Owned and Operated


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